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 Trips, workshop, school of home crafts
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krajinski park kolpa

Respected organizers of trips, excursions, learning workrooms and schools of home crafts!

We suggest you to include visit farm Raztresen in Rim near river Kolpa into your program of trips to Bela krajina.

We grow, card and weave flax into linen - you can see the growing flax on the field - especially interesting at the time of blooming - may, jun, - september. You can see, breaking, smashing, combing, weaving. You can also participate in this kind of work. Lasting 30 min.

We show you other home crafts (wickerwork baskets, wrapping bottles, painting easter eggs). Lasting 30 min.

You can see typical farm buildings: barn, stable and hayloft where you can sleep, barn for donkeys, cows and poultry, and machines, carriage, sleigh, cart, plough for cultivation of land with horses, straw cutter, etc.

Our gallery displays home craft products made in Bela krajina, products made of glass and ceramics from collection Filak and Totter, art and honey products. You can see entire procedure of making linen products. Lasting 30 min.

As "Welcome" we serve you - pogača and home made apple juice.
We also have a glass of beehive where guests can observe bees at work.
The farm capacity is 50 seats and 50 beds in summer
                              50 seats and 30 beds in winter